My first blog post…

Well first of all a big hello and thank you to all who are reading my first blog post, this is all very new to me so bare with me! I have decided to create this blog to let people have an insight into my day to day life and most importantly my weight loss journey.

On the 16th of January 2017 I decided to rejoin slimming world in the hope that this year will be my year I lose the weight I’ve been needing to. I previously joined slimming world in September 2015 and lost a total of 1 and 1/2 stone. Due to change in jobs, moving house, bereavement etc I felt it was best to focus more on those things and get back on track before focusing on my weight loss, so here I am back on track in the hope to lose 7 stone!!

I hope all you fellow bloggers will enjoy reading and follow me through my weight loss journey, it’s going to a tough long journey, but i will do this!

C x


Weight loss

So the hardest part of my journey has been made…walking back through the doors of slimming world! This time I will not be leaving until I have reached my target of losing 7 stone.

I made the decision to rejoin on the 16th of January 2017. This is my second attempt and will be my last. I first joined slimming world in September 2015 where I lost 1 and 1/2 stone, unfortunately I had to stop in November 2016 due to a change in jobs, moving house and a family bereavement meaning it was all too much. I am now in a better place and feel more than ever determined to do this. Bring it on!!

Below is a picture of me at my heaviest compared to my lightest. I felt so happier to at my smallest, yet I achieved it in the wrong way…starvation. It was a quick process however I soon gained the weight when I started to eat again. This time round no more fad diets or starving time to do it with all the support of my loving slimming world family!